Toddler Swim Program Information

Welcome to our SwimAmerica Program,

The course takes 14 weeks to complete.  Thereafter the classes are designed to help you further your knowledge and practice teaching skills with your child.

Remember I am teaching YOU how to handle your child in the water and YOU are teaching your child the basic water safety aspects and how to get from A to B.

Your child will not be learning HOW to SWIM but HOW to help him/herself to get to safety. (From A to B) Basic strokes are only taught from the age 3 and upwards.

The first couple of lessons are always very stressing for both parent and child and so don't be put off by them not wanting to participate at all or crying continuously.  However the child's progress is determined by you.  Children learn at their own pace and can be very manipulative so one has to be very careful of this as it can hinder a child's progress immensely. 

You need to be very aware of when a child's cries if the crys are genuine calls for discomfort as if they are scared (lots of encouragement and always be positive) and try not to let them manipulate you as to get out of something every time just because they don't want to do it or don't like it. 

As every activity has a safety feature attached to it and could save your child one day.

There is never a guarantee that any child is "water safe", no matter what training given and so they should always be accompanied by and adult at all times when near any water, including bath time.

The classes have the same routine with slight variation as routine is what children enjoy.

You will need to sign a contract for the Program, which really covers all the legal aspects of the Swim School and will be forwarded to you when you book.

Teaching your child water safety will be a life changing experience which you will love and remember for the rest of your life.  Make it happen as it is an ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILL not a luxury.  Its fun and interactive and great bonding with the child and the more fun we make it the faster they learn and love to do it.

We will have a brief introduction to each lesson explaining what we are covering for the lesson and what you have to work on with your child.

The :- Lesson takes 25 to 30 minutes

We start EVERY lesson with getting into the pool the correct way.

Greeting and song

Main theme song and action

2 x 4 activities depending on the child/rens behavior and willingness to participate according to the lesson plan

Free time  4 to 5 minutes - when baby gets to decide whats happening.

Farewell song

And each child has to learn to exit the pool safely unaided eventually.

What is learnt in the class will be good to practice in your own time again, should you have pool access and some can even be done in the bath (water over the head, blowing bubbles etc)  the more they do it the better they become and the progress will be maximized.

 EACH CHILD will need to have the following for their lesson.

Ø     Towel for both child and parent

Ø     Costume � full suits are better but not essential.

Ø     Swimming Cap � Lycra or Silicon  

Not necessary for parents as they are not going under the water.                                                                    (this is for hygiene and also helps maintain the child loss of body heat)

Avoid the cheap extremely thin latex caps as they perish quickly and not easy to get on and off baby. ( I have a wide range of great novelty and Baby friendly ones on sale at the pool)

Ø     Swimming Diaper � disposable ones are available from Pick 'n Pay or Baby Company and can be washed and reused a few times if not soiled.

I also have available proper swimming diapers @ a cost of R160. each but they last longer and can just be put in the wash after each lesson.

With your first course prepaid - One of these diapers is included in the fee.

 I also stock a range of other cute swim diapers and costumes for purchase.

Ø      Change of clothing for after the lesson.  Children should not leave the pool enclosure in their costumes. They must be dried and dressed before leaving the building.

Ø      I supply a sweet treat for baby after the swim but it is also always advisable to bring them a healthy snack for afterwards as they do tend to get hungry.

It is imperative in the beginning not to miss any lessons, especially the first 6 -8 lessons, as valuable information will be missed and it is not easy to keep track of everyone's individual progress if lessons are missed and lessons cannot be made up.

Should you not be able to make a specific lesson occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances - please speak to me in advance and we can try rescheduling you into another class.

Lessons missed due to vacation or illness cannot be made up and are not refundable or transferable.

Each child is different and reacts, progresses, learns differently so please try not to compare your child with another in the same class unless its in a positive light to encourage them to progress. " Look at Johnny jump  how about you show mommy /daddy how clever you are" and to try make it look like so much fun.

Feel free to chat to me after the lesson should there be no more lessons or to call me in the mornings should be concerned about something.

Children are very resilient and as long as you make positive commendation all the time, even when they have slipped under the water.  Don't panic and make a negative fuss, always be positive and enthusiastic "What a clever boy/girl" and so forth.

Also parents need to be brave as in to how much they let the child go in the lesson.  I.e., self submersion, allowing the child to feel his own buoyancy in the water, and simply letting go sometimes to see the child's reaction.  This will be covered under my supervision and I will advise you when I feel the children is ready to try more advanced exercises.

Please do not be wild by throwing your child high into the air and not catching them.  They learn to trust you and doing that could easily destroy a lot of hard work.

I also like to encourage both parents to get involved in the lessons. So one lesson daddy gets in and the next mommy only if possible.  Otherwise one parent is fine but I can assure you its lots of fun and excellent bonding time.  What you learn in the lesson you must carry through into your own private pool time andremember we are teaching SAFETY at all times.



Fees are subject ot change without notice - so kindly always - email "" to confirm before making payments.

 SEASON 1. September to mid December


SEASON 2. Mid January to April


TOTAL of 14 weeks and 28 Lessons per season.


Total FEE for the season R2200.00

(paid in full at the start or on or before the 1st lesson) Unless prior arrangements are made.

(R600 per month over 4 months)

The above fee includes

  • Registration & Administration fee

  • One washable reusable Quality Swim Diaper

  • Access into the Gym with use of the Changing Facilities and the Pool during lesson time only.

  • Report and certificate on completion.

Thereafter should you like to continue on a month to month basis's the cost thereafter  is R450.00 per month for 2 x 30 minute lessons per week and R380 for 1 x 30 minute lessons per week (ie continue into the next season)


Toddle Swimming Program 2016



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